Happy egg hunting!

Here at Ultim Events we never miss an opportunity to party, that's why we decided to make our own egg hung "Ultim Events style"!


We have hidden 6 eggs on this website. They are different colors, and can be anywhere so keep an eye out! Some will be easier to find than others ...


Did you find them?

Awesome ! Send us an email with a screenshot of each egg at ultimevents.game@gmail.com.

The first five to find all the eggs will receive a €15 voucher to use at one of our ticket offices.


Happy hunting!

And even more fun on Instagram!

Join us on Instagram @ultimeventz to participate in our creative game :

"guess my egg"

The rule is simple, draw the face of your favorite actor in the egg, and we have to guess who it is!


Artists... Ready, set, go!