Terms and conditions

of Sale

The general conditions of sale will be applied to all the fairs organized by the Ultim Events Company. You agree to respect them before purchasing your ticket.


Tickets - Pass, Bracelets and Extras:


It is mandatory to have a PASS to access the event as well as to buy and access the Extras. You are not authorized to buy any other ticket (called extras like photos, autographs, meeting room or any other ticket giving access to activities at the event) without having previously purchased an entry PASS.


These PASS are expressly called PASS. You must provide us with the purchase of your PASS the names of the participants. As soon as we have registered these, they will be in a database, and therefore the ticket remains nominative and not modifiable unless authorized by the organization. Only the original ticket holder whose name appears on the ticket can withdraw and use it, the ticket will be lost if presented or requested by a third party. There are no exceptions to this rule unless otherwise authorized by the organization.


For the withdrawal of the pass, You will be asked for a photo ID as well as all the documents of your purchases, received by Mail. Without the PASS and your extras, access to the lounge will be prohibited.


Wearing a Bracelet / Badge is compulsory during the entire event, and must be presented to the staff for any access. The absence of the Bracelet / Badge or the refusal to present it may prevent you from accessing the event or one of the activities. Tickets are not refundable, exchangeable or changeable. Their resale is prohibited without authorization from Ultim Events.


In the event that the event is postponed, tickets will be automatically postponed to the new date announced. If you cannot attend the convention on this date, you will be invited to contact us. In the event that the show is canceled in full, the tickets will be refunded.


If you have to cancel your presence at the event, no refund will be possible. No exceptions unless written permission from Ultim Events.


The arrival of the guests is contractual. If any event beyond our control obliges them to cancel their presence, a cancellation will not be grounds for reimbursement of the Pass. We will do our best to replace him with a new guest. The purchased extras will be replaced by those with the actor of your choice, and the choices included in the passes will be replaced by the new guest. The organization can choose to reimburse fans for this ticket if it does not impact the whole event.


Ultim Events reserves the right to change the date and place of the event to obtain the maximum number of guests present.


Minors must either have parental authorization plus a copy of the identity document of the legal guardian, or be accompanied by a responsible adult person who also has a Pass.




Means of payment :


The ticket office accepts all payments by credit card.

For transfers, and spreading of payments (for the VIP or any PASS which authorizes payment in several installments) contact us. NO refunds will be made if you do not pay your PASS in full, for whatever reason.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any problem or question.






Access to the event is free for children under 10 years of age provided that a member of the family is present. The child will be able to accompany you on certain activities such as for example posing on your duo, trio or group photo photos, but for individual photos, autographs, evening; the child should have their own extras.




Allocation of places:


A place and row are allocated to you. You can exchange your places but only in the same category and same row and with the authorization of the participant whose place has been allocated.

Travel and accommodation costs are the responsibility of the participant. In the event of postponement, change of the location of the event, or cancellation Ultim Events will not reimburse the costs incurred.





Image rights:


You agree by attending an Ultim Events event to authorize your image to appear on photos or video recordings that Ultim Events could use for advertising or commercial purposes.







Cameras are allowed during the event if you meet the following conditions:

• Authorized shooting time

• Use only compact digital cameras.

• The use of flashes is only authorized during the first 5 minutes of the panels

• Prohibition to use cameras with lens greater than 18-55mm


Photos and videos:


It is strictly forbidden to make video / audio recordings during Q&A and during any other activity that is part of the agreement.

It is strictly forbidden to take photos and video recordings during autographs and photoshoots (including using mobile phones, cameras, etc.) as well as during meeting rooms, cocktail parties, under penalty of dismissal immediate without refund.


Autographs and Photoshoots:


A schedule is provided to participants before the event, and announcements are made throughout the event. Ultim Events disclaims all responsibility for the non-production of an autograph or photoshoot or any other extra if the participant does not show up when he is called to do them.

Ultim Events is not responsible for the result of the photoshoot (eyes closed ...) We remind you that these extras are in limited quantity.


Ultim Events, reserves the right to make any modification to the event due to unforeseen and inevitable circumstances.

The promoter and the person in charge of the premises cannot be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage suffered during the show. It is the responsibility of Ultim Events to provide minimum security during the event, but the organization cannot be held responsible for any incident that occurs during the event.

The show schedule can be changed at any time or be canceled.



Abusive behaviors

In the event of aggression, overly expressive remarks towards the team, the staff, the guests, or between participants even BEFORE the event, Ultim Events gives itself the right to immediately dismiss a participant without reimbursement of the event and / or to prohibit permanent access to its events.



Do not hesitate to contact us in case of problems or questions, we will make sure to answer you as soon as possible.



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