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We are getting back to you with more details about the A MILLENNIAL WEEKEND 2 event.


In view of the current conditions, it is impossible to carry out the event under the best possible conditions, which is why we have decided to postpone it once again.

Not only are sanitary conditions still risky, but border laws do not allow the announced actors to travel to France at the moment.



We are awaiting confirmation from the venue to announce the new dates (last quarter 2021).



The guests have already heard the news and are ready to do everything possible to be available on the new dates according to their schedule. As soon as the date is fixed we will come back to you with the guests reconfirmations.

They all shared their sadness about the fact they couldn't meet you this year and they are already looking forward to next year.



Exceptionally, and as we have already been able to do previously, we will study reimbursement requests on a case-by-case basis and subject to proof of inability to attend the event. All refunds will take place after the event.

However, we remind you, as provided for by the Terms of Sale validated by the customer at the time of purchase, that any postponed event cannot be reimbursed.

Finally, we remind you that Ultim Events is under French jurisdiction.



We will get back to you with the resale procedure when we announce the new dates. Thank you for your patience.


We wanted to thank the fans who have been understanding and patient in the face of a situation that is beyond us all. We promise you events that are as magical as possible, as soon as the situation allows them to be carried out without endangering the health of others.

The Ultim Events Team